Tile & Grout Cleaning

Are you embarrassed by your tile floors? Has your original light grout turned brown or black?

With regular maintenance, dirt, oils, and food particles can build up on tile and grout surfaces, leaving stains that become impossible to remove. Even with regular cleaning and mopping, dirty water settles into the grout lines and evaporates, leaving a little residue and color it carries.  Over time this builds up to the point of finally becoming unsightly and getting your attention.

Made New Again can clean and restore your tile surfaces, making them look like new! We are experts in tile and grout cleaning.

First we use spray the floor with a simple non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to agitate and loosen the residue that’s ingrained into the floor.

We then use our patented floor tools to blast heated water at our safe cleaning pressure from inside the containing dome. At the same time water is being blasted, at up to 5 gallons per minute, it’s contained under the dome and vacuum-extracted leaving the floor surface almost dry.  The pressures are completely safe for a well constructed floor.

Quit spending so much time scrubbing and trying to clean your floor by yourself.  Don’t fall for any of the self cleaning methods and advertised special cleaning chemistry.  Most are harmful for your grout.

Made New Again offers fast, effective, and affordable solutions that work.  We are experts on cleaning any hard surface, natural stone, travertine, brick, concrete, and stucco. We can even clean vertical wall-type surfaces you might have.