Hardwood Floor Protection

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Hardwood floors can be a great addition to any home. However, these floors will need quite the maintenance to keep them in top shape. Small preventative and regular maintenance tips like these will help you protect your high gloss floor finish in the League city area.

Preventive maintenance tips

When you have hardwood floors in heavy traffic area, it is best to use rugs in these parts of your home. This way your rugs will be able to collect the dirt and debris from shoes before it gets on hard woods floors. Dirt and other small particles can act like razor blades, thus scratching and damaging the high gloss finish on your floor.

Shoes like cleats, golf shoes, or even high heels can cause great damage to your floors since these style of shoes have sharp edges to them. Creating deep scratches or even gouges in the surface of your high gloss finish floor.

When you are picking the right rug to use, be careful not to use any rugs that have latex coating on the back. This latex coating on the back of these rugs can sometimes discolor your wood floors so instead of protecting your floors, you will be doing more damage to them.

Try to avoid using any kind of wax based products on your wood floors. This may sound crazy to some people. However, wax finishes can dull your high gloss floor, thus requiring more frequent care and more expensive maintenance that will be needed to keep your floors protected. Once your floors have been finished with wax, you will not be able to use any other kind of finish on the surface of your floors unless you have them completely sanded and resurfaced.

Small items like soft fabrics under the legs of your tables or other furniture on your wood floor can help prevent any scuffing or scratching if the furniture is accidentally bumped and moves on your wood floor. Another great tip to follow if you have furniture on your wood floors is if you need to move furniture, pick them up and move them. Although sliding them can be easier, you can risk damaging your floors when you slide the furniture across.

Regular Cleaning tips

  1. When you begin to clean your high gloss finish floor, you should always consider a soft bristle broom or even a vacuum with a soft floor attachment.
  2. Try to not wet mop your wood floors. Having too much water on your floor can dull the finish of your floor or even leave a discoloring residue on the surface.
  3. Only use products that are meant for wood floors. Using products that aren’t meant for wood floors could cause more damage ending up costing you more money to have them fixed.
  4. All spills on your wood floor need to be cleaned up immediately. Although a protective finish is able to help prevent stains to your floors, this does not mean you can leave the spill on your floor forever. Leaving your spilled liquid on your floor for too long could leave a stain patch on your beautiful high gloss floor finish.

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