Air Purification

GreenTech Environmental innovates, develops, and manufactures high-quality electronic products that positively impact the everyday lives and health of people throughout the world – all while protecting the environment. Everything we do makes a difference. GreenTech Environmental stands for the newest technologies created, distributed, and supported by an extraordinary group of people committed to providing you, our customers and consumers, lifelong service that amazes.

Products for Healthy Living

Whether you want cleaner air in your home or if you are looking for environmentally friendly solutions for space heating, hard water, laundry, or air purification equipment.  Made New Again offers products for healthier living by GreenTech Environmental.

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Healthy Homes Program

In the course of a day, humans touch a multitude of shared surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, keypads, handrails, and counter surfaces. According to the CDC, 80% of infections are transferred by the human hand,...

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Read what people are saying about Made New Again

I just love it after Made New Again comes to clean our floors at the restaurant. The restrooms smell so FRESH and CLEAN.

Jessica  |  Pearland

Read what people are saying about Made New Again

Thanks to Made New Again the Flu Bug has been shut down and all employees are no longer spreading the sickness from person to person. Everyone is now working and sickdays are becoming a thing of the past.

Billy  |  Houston

Read what people are saying about Made New Again

The disinfection/sanitization of my offices is GREAT. Now my patients don’t have to worry about germs being spread, or catching any infection from visiting my practice. We are faithful to the Surface Protection Program.

Anonymous Doctor  |  Friendswood