Carpet & Upholstery

At Made New Again, we don’t simply clean your carpets — we restore them. Your floors will be cared for by a long term full-time employee(s) from Made New Again.

Our staff is trustworthy, skilled and trained to utilize the proper solutions, eliminating costly errors and potential damage to your home.  We move certain pieces of your furniture to clean under and behind them.  We utilize proper sliders, and tools to do so and if there are any questions, we consult with the homeowner about the issues before hand.

Approved and Certified by the IICRC, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration as well as the Carpet Rug Institute. We adhere to their Standards with chemicals, equipment and technology.  See our carpet cleaning services below to learn more:

Carpet Dyeing and Restoration

Most existing carpeting in homes, can be dyed. Many homeowners will be sprucing up their home, whether to place it on the market for resale, to remodel, redecorate, or simply do a thorough spring cleaning. The most noticeable casualty...

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Tired of Ugly Carpets? So are we! For years it was expected that commercial carpets would eventually “ugly out” and go to an early grave. Not any longer! Our company utilizes innovative cleaning technologies to help your carpet stay...

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Conventional carpet cleaning systems often appear to be a good deal, but they are rarely a good value. Traditional wand cleaning methods can involve extensive drying time and excessive use of cleaning chemistry, leaving residues that re-attract soil like...

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Read what people are saying about Made New Again

Thank you for the care and service you provided our carpet area. After several years of a service that didn’t quite get the job done, we were astonished how well your process worked. We’ve gone from having to replace the living room carpet to an almost new appearance. Thank you again.

Tom and Pat  |  Friendswood

Read what people are saying about Made New Again

Made New Again did an outstanding job on cleaning our carpet and upholstery. The couch and chairs had lots of spots and now they look so much better.

Eleanor  |  Clear Lake

Read what people are saying about Made New Again

My friend’s referral to Made New Again was wonderful. The company was prompt, courteous, and did an EXCELLENT job on our carpet. The kid’s rooms had some really bad stains from food, dirt, makeup, paint, etc. and after cleaning were totally gone. What a perfect job they did.

Rona  |  League City

Read what people are saying about Made New Again

Extremely satisfied. These people work like it was something they were doing for themselves. Absolutely recommend them for your cleaning projects.

Sharon  |  Taylor Lake

Read what people are saying about Made New Again

Very good job and Blake and Sheila were very professional. Great TEAM WORK. I recommend them and their service to everyone.

Janice  |  Manvel