Granite Polishing & Sealing

Here are a few of the Granite Restoration services we offer.

Diamond Refinishing
Crack & chip repair
Cleaning and sealing
Hard water stain removal
Color enhancing

The most typical service we offer is a Granite Refresh which is clean, polish & seal. Most granite surfaces are not treated correctly upon installation and therefore are susceptible to future stains and dulling of the polished finish.

We use a cleaning process that opens and scrubs the surface with a stone scrub to clean the pores of the granite and and a steam cleaning rinse which sanitizes the surface. We make sure that all of the mineral buildup around your fixtures and sinks is completely removed before we continue. Then we can either refinish & polish the surface back to the original luster or seal the surface.

Regardless of the service you choose, we leave your countertops looking refreshed and Made New Again.


Ask About Our Made New Again Infinity Lifetime Warranty Sealer!

The Made New Again Infinity warranty protects homeowners against any granite stains for the lifetime of their stone (10 years for commercial granite), and is fully-transferable.

Made New Again is the only granite restoration company in the Houston area that offers this insurance-backed warranty.