Healthier Houston Workplaces By Eliminating Germs


Throughout the day, we all come into contact with germs on a multitude of shared surfaces like door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, keypads, handrails, and counter surfaces. According to the Centers For Disease Control, 80% of infections are transferred by human hands. Which means these shared surfaces or Touch Points put us all at risk on a daily basis. Picking up a “bug” may be relatively harmless for many of us, but can be a serious health risk for individuals with weaker immune systems.

Let’s bring this idea a bit closer to home by examining your own Houston Area workplace. How many employees share surfaces in and around your office? How much productivity is lost each year because of employee illness?

There is now a new way in Houston to make your office safer and healthier for yourself, your employees, and visitors. The Healthy Home Program from Made New Again is an affordable, biological-based cleaning method for workplace infection control. Traditional surface-only cleaning methods are ineffective in preventing cross-contamination, the avenue through which germs are spread. In fact, they may even increase it. The Healthy Home Program scientifically attacks cross-contamination using a long-term antimicrobial preventative, resulting in a cleaner, healthier workplace for your employees and customers.

With the Healthy Home Program, a long-lasting, biological based surface protectant is sprayed onto any hard surface, using an electrostatic process which provides complete and thorough coverage of all areas. The surface protectant is odorless, non-toxic, and environmentally safe, so there is no danger to humans, the the process can be completed with little interruption to normal work processes. And, once the surface protectant is dry, it will not wash off, giving you lasting germ protection for more than 90 days.

Protect the health of your workplace and your employees with the Healthy Home Program from Made New Again. Call us today at 832-477-6233, or use our contact form for more information. Appointments are available throughout the Houston Metro  and surrounding Bay Area.