High Gloss Floor Finish Tips

high gloss wood floor finish galvestonWhen it comes to restoring your wood floors back to their high gloss floor finish in the Galveston area, many professionals will say it takes years of experience to get at that level. The level of difficulty it takes to get the lighting to affect the floor in a beautiful way is key. Each type of wood floors takes in the finish completely different than the last floor. Thus making it a difficult task to perform. Here below are some of the common high gloss finish problems and knowing what to do to help prevent this from happening.


Before a professional begins doing your restoration on your wood floor in Galveston, you need to understand the expectations for this product. You may know someone that will call you telling you to come over at just the right time of the day to you can see how the sun hits the particular spot with your head tilted just right to see the issue. You need to understand that a finished floor is not like furniture. The finish that you do on furniture will not perform the same way as what a wood floor finish can do. The reason for this is because we are not walking on our furniture to wear it out and dull down the finish. Therefore, you need to take completely different steps when it comes to wood floor finished.

Before a professional can come in and start work on your wood floor to get them to a high gloss floor finish,  they need to come in and inspect your wood floor. Evaluate how the light is hitting the room so they can take the right steps to get you a high gloss finish. Having glare off of the sun should not be conducted while doing the inspection.

Having Uneven Sheen

An uneven sheen can happen can happen during repairs on an existing floor. Some people will attempt taping off individual areas that need repairs done. Although this can be a standard method when repairs are necessary, it can cause uneven sheen levels to your floor. Most times, the appearance of different sheens can just be an optical illusion to us. Lighting and many other factors in the floor can make light reflect completely different off the finish in your floor.

Applying the Finish

Before you begin applying that beautiful finish coat on your floor, be sure to thoroughly mix the finish properly. Agents like matting can settle at the bottom of the container, and if you do not get these agents, the finish can end up duller than anticipated.  When it comes down to applying the finish to a large area, be sure to mix all your finish together in one batch. Sheen can vary from container to container and it is best to mix it all together to help prevent any uneven finishing. High gloss finishes can vary from manufacturers to another.

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