Be Honest – How Clean is Your Shower?

DSC04858We are pretty sure there is no such thing as enjoying cleaning the shower or bathtub. However, neglecting the job can have pretty gross consequences. When these areas aren’t cleaned regularly and properly, it’s only a matter of time before they are stained, dingy, and look like they need to be replaced. If this were a world like The Jetsons, we could just push a button and voila, a new shower.  Alas, that is not the case – and full replacement can into the thousands of dollars by the time you pay for a replacement tub or shower and all the labor and materials needed to get it installed.

Now the good news – there is another option that will leave your shower or tub looking just as sparkly clean as that brand new shower liner sitting on the store shelf.  And, the cleaning and grout sealing can be done in much less time than a full remodel would require.

Your Shower’s Current State

Here in Galveston and Houston, we live in such a hot, humid climate that mold can grow quite easily where moisture is present, and showers are no exception. Do you see orange-brown spots in the grout? That is likely mildew. If you see black spots, that could be black mold. Sometimes, products off the store shelves don’t have the mold killing power that a professional cleaning company can access. It’s also worth mentioning that some of the cleaning products found readily available contain harsh chemicals that really aren’t safe for regular use and can damage your shower.

The longer the mold goes untouched, the more embedded it can become within the grout. It’s probably not surprising that grout cleaning and resealing is less expensive than full grout replacement, but both are much cheaper options than full shower replacement.

Showers and tubs not thoroughly cleaned regularly may also have mold and bacteria present and be generally unsanitary. If you take a shower, then step out onto the bathroom floor, that bacteria is being spread.

Unleashing Your Shower Potential

Okay, so that sounds a little cheesy – but really, what feels better at the end of a hot Texas summer day than hopping into a nice, refreshing, and clean shower?!

As if the thought of clean isn’t enough, here are some other reasons to invest in professional shower restoration by Made New Again:

  • It reduces future mold and mildew growth
  • Cut future cleaning times and required effort significantly
  • Repel and help prevent stains in the tile, stone, and grout
  • Lengthen the life of your shower, grout and tile by having it properly maintained

Made New Again, has 12+ years of experience doing shower restoration and use effective and reliable cleaning products to get the job done. These products, combined with our professional tile and grout cleaning equipment, can reach deep into the pores of the grout, and release set-in debris. Save yourself money in the long run by having your shower routinely cared for by Made New Again.

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