Mold Consultant Assesment

Our Gulf Coast can be a dangerous area to live and work.  Floods, hurricanes, tornados, fires, leaky faucets, dripping HVAC condensation provide a very fertile place for mold and mildew to grow.

Remediation, cleanup, and decontamination resulting from these situations can be technically demanding.  They are time-consuming, hazardous and laden with risk.

An improperly remediated structure can be costly.  Deterioration of the structure, hidden damages from mold and many other germs can become a serious health risk for occupants.


Made New Again can handle and treat mold the correct and appropriate way.  We start by doing a full mold assessment.  Our Certified & Licensed Texas Mold Consultant will assess both air and surface contamination in your home or business. We conduct moisture analysis testing of substrates and up to three air samples in areas of concern.  We send these samples to a certified independent laboratory for analysis and generate an official Mold Certification Report.

Our FLIR camera can conduct ultraviolet temperature testing of roof lines and walls to point out hidden areas of moisture or energy-deficient places.  We have the latest instruments for measuring your inside air for contamination.  Our testing procedures and equipment is the latest available.  Made New Again uses the best tools and has access to purification products available to remediate your space. Our products kill mold in all stages (vegetative, fruiting, and spores) in a way that is non-harmful to occupants and can restore a fresh, clean atmosphere to your home or business.

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