Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Tired of Ugly Carpets?

So are we! For years it was expected that commercial carpets would eventually “ugly out” and go to an early grave. Not any longer! Our company utilizes innovative cleaning technologies to help your carpet stay clean longer.

Commercial carpets withstand a lot of use and abuse every day, so keeping them clean and fresh is not only challenging, but can be costly. Made New Again specializes in providing exceptional commercial carpet cleaning service, as well as maintenance programs to keep your carpet looking new, day-in and day-out.

The primary complaint we hear from commercial customers is recurring stains from drink spills stains which quickly reappear with only spot cleaning. If these ugly gray stains are driving you crazy, Made New Again offers a unique crystallizing spill treatment that completely eliminates recurring stains. Our commercial cleaning process penetrates deep into the carpet fibers to remove deeply embedded soil. This cleaning system transforms dull and muted carpet and restores its vibrant beauty. We can give your old carpet a new lease on life.  The other great feature for cleaning with these new methods is low-moisture is utilized and the carpet dries completely within an hour.

Clean Carpet Pays For Itself  

According to Allied Fibers, a 5-year old carpet that has been cleaned on a regular basis will maintain a 92% appearance rating, whereas that same carpet, if neglected, can degrade to a 50% appearance rating. So, it makes sound sense to protect your investment with a carpet maintenance plan, and Made New Again can tailor a carpet maintenance plan to fit your needs without straining your budget.

Why Settle For Poor Service?

You are always assured of complete satisfaction with our double guarantee.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of the service experience, we will promptly return to your facility and take care of the problem.
If we are still unable to satisfy you, we will be happy to provide a complete refund.

In addition to our restorative cleaning service we also offer an on-going maintenance cleaning program where we can guarantee that your carpets will always be kept clean. This contracted cleaning service will extend the life of your carpet, and keep it looking good at all times. This program works on a monthly or bimonthly cycle.