Residential Carpet Cleaning

Conventional carpet cleaning systems often appear to be a good deal, but they are rarely a good value. Traditional wand cleaning methods can involve extensive drying time and excessive use of cleaning chemistry, leaving residues that re-attract soil like a magnet. Most companies are in such a hurry to get to the next job, they don’t spend enough time doing the job right. Too much focus on making as much money in a day as they can. Made New Again will get your carpets cleaner, dry them faster and help them stay clean longer than conventional cleaning companies or service.

At Made New Again, we don’t simply clean your carpets we restore them. Our powerful deep cleaning process utilizes the ROTO-VAC carpet restoration tool which cleans all sides of carpet fibers, as opposed to half the coverage you’ll get with a conventional carpet wand. We also have equipment to deep-extract pet urine spots from the carpet padding, and we can specially treat most other stain problems.

And, we treat every floor like it was our own. Your floors will be cared for by an owner/operator from Made New Again, and our staff is skilled and trained to utilize the proper solutions, eliminating costly errors and potential damage to your home. We are approved and certified by the Carpet Rug Institute of America and adhere to their standards for carpet cleaning technology and products. We are trained in The Masters Touch programs and the IICRC.

We would love to show you how we can make your floors look new again!  We are not the cheapest carpet cleaner around and charge a fair amount for the service we deliver.  Most clients will not use anyone other than us, after they first had us clean for them.  They spread the word to their friends and family and most everyone we have done work for are thrilled and how well their job was handled.  All employees are screened for background problems and are honest and trustworthy of being allowed into your home.

Contact us today at (832) 477-6233 for more information in our residential carpet cleaning services, or to schedule a free, in-home analysis and estimate.