Wood Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Made New Again offers a full range of services to keep your wood floors looking like new. Whether you have solid wood, wood veneer, or laminate flooring, our wood floor cleaning and refinishing service can deep clean and restore your floors so they look like new. All our products are environmentally safe, with low odor and minimal downtime.

Our intensive cleaning removes dirt, grease, hair, dust, built-up residue, and contaminants. Unlike many other cleaning processes, our intensive cleaning system doesn’t just clean the surface of your floors; it goes deeper to extract hidden dirt deep within the boards of hardwood floors. We even offer detailed hand cleaning for those hard-to-reach edges and corners.

If your floor is suffering from the effects of general wear and tear, our clean and refinish service may be in order. After cleaning, we apply our specially designed Hardwood Floor Refinisher, using a microfiber cleaning pad to give your floor a new, uniform sheen, in either a glossy or satin finish.

For floors that need a complete restoration, we follow our Tycote bonding steps which chemically prepares the existing finish to bond with a new finishing coat of StreetShoe, which gives your wood floors a new sheen and a durable, protective coating that keeps your floors looking new for years to come.  This process allows for refinishing your wood floors without having to sand off the existing finish and starting with bare wood.

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