Tips on Caring for your Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floor in your home is an investment and as a homeowner it is important to properly take care of these floors so they can last a lifetime. Properly maintained hardwood floor saves you money in the long run, and as an added bonus it adds to the elegance of your property.

It can be challenging to take care of your hardwood floors because they are constantly being walked on. The kids are jumping, skipping and running back and forth, high heels and dirty shoes are scuffing, furniture is being pushed or pulled, toys and heavy objects are dragged across the surface. Regardless of how much foot traffic your hardwood floors get, it is important to maintain them.

Knowing what type of flooring you have and the type of finish that is on it will help you or a hired professional know what kind of cleaning equipment and solutions to use and what to avoid. Researching your hardwood floors can go a long way in preventing unwanted damage during the cleaning process.

After you have done your research you will only want to use the cleaning solutions that are recommended for your specific type of flooring and finish. Oil soaps are not a good solutions because they will eventually buildup and cause your hardwood floors to dull. They can also make it difficult to refinish your floors.

Opt for a soft broom when you are ready to sweep your floors. Soft brooms are more than capable of removing the dirt from your floor. Sweeping with a soft broom will also gently buff the surface helping it retain some of its shine and removing shallow scratches.

Allowing dirt, sand, and other particles on your hardwood floors is not a good idea because those tiny particles will scratch and damage the surface. This can remove the shine and wear down the surface.

You can prevent a lot of abrasive particles from damaging your hardwood floors by taking off your shoes as soon as you enter your home.  We like to keep a rug and a shoe rack by our front door. Not only does this help protect floors, it also keeps your shoes organized and easy to find.

Rugs are excellent for capturing unwanted particles that could damage your hardwood floors. Rugs should be used in high traffic areas like doorways, hallways, etc. Rugs have been protecting hardwood floors for decades. They can also improve the appearance of your home and really bring a room together.

Furniture can wreak havoc on your hardwood floors. Placing felt pads of floor protectors under the legs of your furniture can help prevent scratching.

At Made New Again in League City we are experts when it comes to cleaning and protecting hardwood floors. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your hardwood floors we are happy to answer them! Our experts have been offering professional flooring services in League City for years and can help you turn your hardwood floors into a thing of beauty.




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