Made New Again

Tile Cleaning Video

Marble Restoration

Marble Polishing

Deep Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Demonstration of our Edging Tool

Carpet being Made New

Deep Rug Restoration at our Shop

Rotovac Cleaning

Color Sealing

Commercial Bathroom Floor Cleaning

Color Seal Master Bath Tile

Flagstone Coating

Flagstone Topical Coating

Flagstone Sealing

Grout Repair

Flagstone Restoration

Travertine Hole Filling and Repair

Travertine Crack Repair

More Marble Cleaning with Mini-Turbo

Marble Tub Surround Cleaning

Color Sealing Bathroom Tile

Mopping up after Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Travertine Shower Restoration

Super Grout Additive

"MORE' Polishing and Ani-Etch Treatment

'MORE' Anti- Etch Testing

Marble Restoration

Disinfection Application

ElectroStatic Spraying Disinfectant - Mold Treatment

Sanitizing & Disinfection

Chlorine Dioxide Treatment being started

Moisture Measurement

Flood - Mold Treatment at Church

Harvey Flood Restoration

Drying after Flood

Deodorizing Flooded Rug after Flood

Oriental Rug Restored after Flood

Commercial Building Gas Treatment

Friendswood Chamber Mold Treatment & Drying

Friendswood Chamber of Commerce Flood Cleanup

Commercial Building Mold Treatment

Another Mold Treatment

Hurricane Harvey Tribute by ABC TV

Countertop Polishing

Table Top Polishing

Tub Surround video

Wood Floor Cleaning

Low Moisture 'Grumpy' Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Tile - being Made New Again

Tile and Grout Cleaning - Slate Floors

Restoring Beautiful Slate Floors

Flagstone Walkway Video

Application of RexPro protective Coating

Restaurant Tile Cleaning

Countertop Polishing

Tile and Grout Video

Gum Removal Closeup

GumBGone at work by MNA

Hi Temp Carpet Cleaning with GumBGone

Made New Again - Gum Removal

Carpet Cleaning - recycled rubber tires

Gum and Mold Removal Closeup

Genghis Gum Removal

Carpet Cleaning by Made New Again, LLC

Concrete Driveway Cleaning

Concrete Driveway Cleaning

Tile Floor Cleaning by Made New Again, LLC

Tile Cleaning by Made New Again, LLC

Carpet Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dirty Tile and Grout Cleaning Video

Tile and Grout Video

Tile Edge Cleaning Video

Flagstone Brick Wall Video

Made New Again Commercial

Commercial Carpet Low Moisture Cleaning

Carpet Deep Rotovac cleaning

Concrete Polishing machine

Concrete Polishing

Concrete work

Concrete Prep



Emblem Prep

Prep work



Concrete Dyeing

Coating Removal

Tile Cleaning & Color Sealing

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